Chives Garlic Geisha


Garlic Geisha Chives is a vigorous grower with slightly wider and flatter leaves than other garlic types. Geisha sends up white flower stalks late in the season which lend ornamental value to the plant and attracts butterflies. Geisha grows quickly and is meant for cut-and-come enjoyment all season. Snip just what you need of the foliage, and the plant will regrow promptly.


Starter Plugs: From Seed

Location: Full Sun/Part Shade

Height: 12-15”

Width: 8-10”

Color: Green foliage, white flowers


• Your plug plant order will take approximately 12-14 weeks to grow, from seed or cutting to rooted plug plant. YOU ORDER --> WE PLANT --> WAIT 12-14 WEEKS TO GROW --> WE SHIP TO YOU!

• Plug Plant availability is subject to change depending on availability of seeds/cuttings at the time of your order.

• Photo is of plant in Full Bloom. We sell starter Plant Plugs which are small plants with an establishing root system. All plugs should be transplanted to appropriate pots to establish roots before being planted in the ground. Additional information for growing plants in your area can be searched on the internet.