Stevia rebaudiana


Stevia rebaudiana, commonly known as sweetleaf, is a tender perennial herb that is native to Paraguay and Brazil. Plants typically grow with weak and floppy stems and have little ornamental attraction. The attraction here is the sweet tasting leaves which contain glucoside compounds that are 200-300 times sweeter by weight than cane sugar but with no calories.

What is the difference between Stevia (steviodise) & Rebaudioside A? Stevia rebaudiana plant contains a high percentage of steviol glycoside (stevioside) and rebaudiana A, C, D & F. The Stevioside has a liquorish aftertaste while Rebaudioside-A has no liquorish or aftertaste.


Starter Plugs: Rooted Cuttings

Location: Full Sun/Part Shade

Height: 12”-24”

Width: 12”-24”

Color: Green, white blooms


• Your plug plant order will take approximately 12-14 weeks to grow, from seed or cutting to rooted plug plant. YOU ORDER --> WE PLANT --> WAIT 12-14 WEEKS TO GROW --> WE SHIP TO YOU!

• Plug Plant availability is subject to change depending on availability of seeds/cuttings at the time of your order. 

• Photo is of plant in Full Bloom. We sell starter Plant Plugs which are small plants with an establishing root system. All plugs should be transplanted to appropriate pots to establish roots before being planted in the ground. Additional information for growing plants in your area can be searched on the internet.